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  • Исполнитель: Дилэй
  • Название: Rondo
  • Длительность: 1:52
  • Лейбл: Horris
Дилэй - Rondo
Дилэй - Rondo
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Текст песни Rondo
Produced by the Rondo Brothers
Mixed by the Rondo Brothers
Written by K. Flaherty, D. Jack, and A. Nielsen
Yo tonight we’re going to party like we’re back in first grade
(How we gonna party?) With cake and lemonade!
Got my Ninja Turtle plate and my Roger Rabbit cup
Quit hogging all the juice, DJ pass the 7 Up
Got my puffy blue jacket and my orange stunna shades
ASCAP check arrived now I’m lamping 'cause I’m paid
Just like a funky leprechaun, badass like Decepticons
Flip the standard lexicon (Where's your Dad?)
Guess he’s gone! (Nice!) Yo this party is bananas
Living larger than Rob Thomas when he kicked it with Santana
And I Twittered all the boys so they’ll roll up slowly
Back porch cipher ill rhymes you know me
And I’ll happily smack a whack anticon rapper
Tell him he fell off here’s the style he was after
Where’s the Chronic? It’s on the stereo
Like Super Mario, we’re very merry yo!
I’m high, floating with Paula Abdul
Kicking back relax that’s the one house rule
Dummies hella faded getting naked in the pool
Mind is elevated feel ridiculously cool
Bass thumping shake the glasses in the shelves
Doing it and doing it and doing it well
I know I’m fly you don’t really have to tell me
Looking for a Zack yeah you could call me Kelly
DJ roll up in Ele, boys blowing up my cellie
Smoother than PB and jelly when I’m serving drinks
Hostess chilling with the mostest, got a million ice cubes in my sink
(This dude looks dead!)
Don’t give a fuck, hope the cops show up
So hot soon enough they’ll be on my nuts
Dominique Dawes on the balance beam
How you like my Cali hospitality?
Well it’s a party up in here got the gang on my coat tails
Roll up in the spot, music drop like «oh yeah»
Hola Amigos! That’s what I say
When I roll up with my people
Giving high fives with the right hand, 7 up in the left
Call me Marlee Matlin cause I’m So So Def
Feeling oh so good, hanging out with my buddies
Acting like fool getting nutty, you love me
Hit the dance floor like it stole something
Showing off my moves while music’s bumping
Then I bring a girl close, «hey what’s your name?»
Do the cabbage patch cause I have no shame
But I do have fun everywhere I go
And I do like food from Mexico
And I will get it started with no delay
Now everybody come and party with Lars and K. Flay
Welcome to our party, come on in
We got a lotta Coca Cola, juice and gin
Doesn’t matter if you’re short or tall
Waddup, it’s a party y’all
Welcome to our party, bring some friends
Crapping in your pants better wear depends
Get your freak on in a bathroom stall
Waddup, it’s a party y’all
Hit up all my homies in the 510
Party at my house it’s about to blow
Then I dial a couple numbers in the 415
SF in the spot we get extra live
Next on the list is the 408
People flocking to our jocks from SC to Chico state
And you know I love the 831
Carmel Valley we get shit done
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