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Постер песни Mase - Psycho mase
  • Слушали: 209
  • Исполнитель: Mase
  • Название: Psycho mase
  • Длительность: 3:06
  • Лейбл: Emma Norris
Mase - Psycho mase
Mase - Psycho mase
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Текст песни Psycho mase
I'm just like everybody
I've set some fires
I'm just like anybody
Who's been unwired
You act all high and mighty
Like you're the sane ones
But you’re exactly like me
Takes one to know one

Merrily I go
On the wild side
Keep it on the low
Till he makes me cry
I don't close my eyes
When I twist that knife
I don't feel ashamed and
I don't think twice

Don't get too close
A-Ra da da da da da
Walk on tip toe
A-Da da da da da
Right under your nose
I'm a mother fuckin
Psycho oh oh
Psycho oh oh

Don't act like your unlucky
Like your a victim
I told you not to trust me
Know how to pick ‘em
I didn't wanna hate ya
I tried to love you
But I'm naughty by nature
That's why I (gasp) ya

Whoo, Whoo, Psycho
Whoo, Whoo, Psycho

If I keep the terror in your eyes
Maybe you won't see what's in mine
If I keep the terror in your eyes
Maybe you won't see what's in mine
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