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Мосты Swallow

Постер песни Swallow - Мосты
  • Слушали: 120
  • Исполнитель: Swallow
  • Название: Мосты
  • Длительность: 4:20
  • Лейбл: Cornerstone R.A.S
Swallow - Мосты
Swallow - Мосты
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Текст песни Мосты
A long, long time I man a DJ inna dance
Come watch me DJ in your dance
Long, long time I man a DJ inna dance
Come watch me nice up the dance
Said long, long time I man DJ in the dance
Put the mic inna me hand and come nice the session
Said people a dance and people a gwan
And everywhere we go dem say Ram-pam-pam Tellin you say
Have you ever tried to mix the dance-hall style
With some flava from a playa make ya dance for a while
I got the recipe without no Glock in hand
So open sesame, here come that rasta-man
Sweet, sweet sounds; I said sweet, sweet reggae
You really want to dance; I said you really want to play
Yes, yes y all. Hip-hop with dance-hall
Cootdog baby and Rason Jahmal
I got that wicked sh*t like the Wu-Tang Clan
cuz I triumph forever when the mic is up in me hand
Teacher, teacher, teacher: spittin game in your class
So fast; sucka-mc s catch a whiplash
On the throttle, potent so put me in a bottle
Label it 151, put me up in your mouth and swallow
Feel me in your liver, quiver when I deliver
Make your blood hot, shiver in the Babylon river
A youngin, but I m stunnin, commin straight from the Bay
I got ya runnin and ya runnin and ya runnin away
We got ya runnin away, here me come say
We don t want no trouble so back and go way
Inna big-big trouble, I said we don t want that
A how we just cool wit the somethin, a we just try fe relax
Now cool out with the trouble, said we don t want that
A we just cool it with somethin, a we just try fe relax
In the studio, chillin; write a little rap
Burn it to CD and watch it go triple-plat
Top notch performer on the dance-hall tip
There s not a mic in the world that Rason can t rip a like that
A me say get up and dance a me say get up and dance
Jump up and dance me say get up and dance
A we have the sound so you must love that
A we have the sound so you must love that
I pick up the mic in the evening and rhyme
Rip it for a minute, then blaze upon me Thai
Strictly Roots band put me pon de stage
Billboard chart me top the front page
See me, I ain t even put the flame to the bud
I m still insane off the love and the game in my blood
I ve been doin it since 1986
Writin underground hits; West Marin in the sticks
Been down with the Roots since the ranch in Sonoma
And now I m up in Chico on a street called Pomona
Avenue; and I be havin brew
Butte Creek every week; cootdog a freak up on this beat…
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